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Top Resources

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Whether you’re trying to track down an internship, plan a backpacking adventure or find an online forum for expats, MyWorldAbroad has got what you’re looking for. Below, we’ve collected a list of our most popular resources, arranged by topic. Note that many of the resource lists linked below have been pre-set with default searches, which you can easily change to suit your needs.

Intern Abroad

The resource lists below give you access to thousands of international opportunities, as well as advice on how to make your first internship a huge success, both personally and professionally.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad is an inspiring and rewarding undertaking, and it builds valuable cross-cultural experience. The resource lists below will guide to you opportunities from around the world.

Working Vacations & Teaching English

Working vacations allow global adventure-seekers to see the world while earning some much-needed pocket money. The resource lists below will help you find your next job abroad.

Travel Smarts

The resources below have been collected to make the practical side of your travels – from accommodation to communication – as easy as possible. Happy trails!

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